Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Epic aftermath

Our battle tonight with the huge red dragon didn't quite turn out as planned but then again what does.  We started our night with news of two fighting factions far to the south.  It turns out that the dragon had tricked a lizardfolk druid that an army was coming with a weapon to destroy the forest when in reality it was really a dragonbane greatsword.  All of my companions spent their time in a battle with the lizardfolk while I snuck in while invisible and used detect thoughts to try and figure out what was going on.  Before I could make it to my third round in which I could actually read the thoughts.  I was struck by a lucky shot in my general direction with a sleep arrow.  The only way to fail my save for that was to roll a "1" which is only a 5% chance.  Guess what I did so I'm asleep on the ground invisible when all of a sudden the dragon shows up from the river nearby where we were at.  It frightens my companions through its fear effect but they were able to shrug it off and talk to the lizardfolk and set the story straight in which they learned the truth that they had been duped by this dragon.  So the dragon goes on into the town to raze it to the ground.  We wait around roughly fifteen minutes part of which to find the sleeping invisible mage the other to talk to the captain of the men who were bringing the greatsword.  Which he in turn gives as a gift to our tank Krugen VonCleave.  Through various modes of travel horse and teleport we arrive in the town just as the dragon has destroyed both bridges in and roughly half of the town.  Our strongest and hardest hitting companions went in first.  First down goes our fighter/rogue The Kellison via a botched massive damage fortitude save from an attack of opportunity shitty luck.  Then the cleric band-aid went in attempt to revive him with breath of life not realizing that it has no effect on death effects.  So needless to say the dragon made short work of him since he was up there by the other corpse.  Then Krugen positions himself just right for one heroic charge on the mighty beast.  He goes in gets slapped by the dragon for his trouble and gives him a massive swing with the dragonbane greatsword which ends up doing 52 points of damage the dragon is now forced to make the same saving through that killed The Kellison.  There was a 25% chance of failure and it was so.  We rolled a hit locator for the blow and it was a headshot fitting end for a one hit kill on the huge red dragon.  Kind of anti-climatic but still badass and epic all the same.

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  1. That sounds like a really fun campaign you guys are running! I've been trying to look for an online campaign for a while. Keep up the posts!