Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No Phone

I'm not reviewing the awesome Cake song just raging about the loss of my phone.  Before I pass out drunk for the night on my couch I take my phone out of my pocket and put it on the coffee table so I don't smash it and so I can hear it ring as I am expecting a call for an interview at a much better paying job.  I wake up at 6 a.m. to discover it is no longer there not a single other thing is missing from the house just my phone what kind of bull shit is this.  I'm still raging about this and I have been without for the last 6.5 hours.  Has anything bizarre like this happen to anyone else?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10

I decided that today I would give the new distro a test drive to see how it handled if there was anything note worthy about it.  For starters I highly recommend not downloading it directly through http from their web server get the torrent of it .  I had to go with the alternate installer while using vmware workstation because every time I tried to boot it with the desktop install .iso initramfs would fail at initialization which is very frustrating and not something likely to experience with ubuntu.  The alternate install is very similar to the server install or any typical debian install minus some of the customizations that debian offers.  It sure seemed to take its sweet ass time installing (nothing like the time it takes to compile gentoo thank god) but while that happened it gave me time to read the blogs of my followers you guys gave me plenty to read while waiting on progress bars.  It seems sometimes that all I ever do is watch progress bars lol.  It still holds up to be a very light operating system and ran fairly responsive inside my VM since I only gave it 512MB of RAM to play with.  Some of the software additions and subtractions from previous versions irked me only a little bit.  The developers over at canonical could learn a thing or two from the guys over at Fedora during their old installs I could choose through all of the software I didn't want installed and did want installed so my system was pretty much configured for my liking software wise from the install.  Other than that it's a solid GNU/Linux that is bound to bring more new users to our 1% market share.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Here lately I've been bombarded with all kinds of wp7 propaganda so today I thought I would see what I could find out about it.  So far it's not going to be able to work on CDMA carriers until early next year plenty of time for people to consider and buy other smartphones.  Some apps took as long as a three minute load time how annoying can that be.  The only thing worth waiting that long to load on a smartphone is msfconsole for iPhone.  Now as far as I know there weren't any issues with the old windows mobile phones to bsod let's keep our fingers crossed on this one.  Instead of calling a friend back and explain that you went through a service dead zone your phone gave you IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL hopefully this won't happen.  It still doesn't have copy and paste but will be along in an update down the road.  This seems to be a pattern with all manufacturers to leave out something everyone else has then release it in an update whether it be updated hardware (iPhone)or software update we never can have everything that is available.  The large amounts of HTC phones that will be running the wp7 will give it a shot in the arm and help it stay competitive.  Just not looking forward to yet another smartphone app marketplace but that is a topic for another day.

Sony Should Team with Google to 'Redefine' Portable Gaming With PSP Phone, say Analysts

What kind of analyst would say a thing like that.  Seriously who gets paid for these jobs I want a piece of the pie where I can live in fantasy land where a very restrictive company that has been known to ship malware to consumers teams up with a semi-evil empire that does things openly and freely.  That's like saying why doesn't Microsoft partner up with the Mozilla foundation to build the next web browser.  I mean sure who doesn't want to see Sony hardware run on the android os but how long is it before Sony would tarnish the android os by restricting everything that it can do prime example the install other os option removed from PS3.  Link to the story below.

Epic aftermath

Our battle tonight with the huge red dragon didn't quite turn out as planned but then again what does.  We started our night with news of two fighting factions far to the south.  It turns out that the dragon had tricked a lizardfolk druid that an army was coming with a weapon to destroy the forest when in reality it was really a dragonbane greatsword.  All of my companions spent their time in a battle with the lizardfolk while I snuck in while invisible and used detect thoughts to try and figure out what was going on.  Before I could make it to my third round in which I could actually read the thoughts.  I was struck by a lucky shot in my general direction with a sleep arrow.  The only way to fail my save for that was to roll a "1" which is only a 5% chance.  Guess what I did so I'm asleep on the ground invisible when all of a sudden the dragon shows up from the river nearby where we were at.  It frightens my companions through its fear effect but they were able to shrug it off and talk to the lizardfolk and set the story straight in which they learned the truth that they had been duped by this dragon.  So the dragon goes on into the town to raze it to the ground.  We wait around roughly fifteen minutes part of which to find the sleeping invisible mage the other to talk to the captain of the men who were bringing the greatsword.  Which he in turn gives as a gift to our tank Krugen VonCleave.  Through various modes of travel horse and teleport we arrive in the town just as the dragon has destroyed both bridges in and roughly half of the town.  Our strongest and hardest hitting companions went in first.  First down goes our fighter/rogue The Kellison via a botched massive damage fortitude save from an attack of opportunity shitty luck.  Then the cleric band-aid went in attempt to revive him with breath of life not realizing that it has no effect on death effects.  So needless to say the dragon made short work of him since he was up there by the other corpse.  Then Krugen positions himself just right for one heroic charge on the mighty beast.  He goes in gets slapped by the dragon for his trouble and gives him a massive swing with the dragonbane greatsword which ends up doing 52 points of damage the dragon is now forced to make the same saving through that killed The Kellison.  There was a 25% chance of failure and it was so.  We rolled a hit locator for the blow and it was a headshot fitting end for a one hit kill on the huge red dragon.  Kind of anti-climatic but still badass and epic all the same.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday is Pathfinder day

Another Monday is upon us.  For me and my friends can only mean one thing glorious epic battle in our pathfinder game.  Tonight will be the conclusion of our self character game.  We will be facing a huge red dragon as it tries to raze our city for the mithral mines underneath.  Our adventuring party of the super band-aid cleric Derrick, Louie the amazing monk, Krugan our loveable tank, Kevin our utility tank, The Kellison our two-weapon specialist, and me Red our blaster mage.  Do we have what it takes I think so.  I'll let everyone know how it turns out tomorrow.